• What Magnesium Do You Need? {Magnesium Types}

    There are a lot of different magnesium types. Seriously…….SO. MANY. It can be confusing for many consumers because certain forms of magnesium can be beneficial for different ailments. We find magnesium in many different places. Some of the most bioavailable sources are from natural waters, such as our oceans and rivers. Ever heard of the Dead Sea? Yeah, CRAZY amounts of magnesium in there! We also find magnesium in the soil and in our food.  View Post
  • How We Designed The Perfect Multivitamin

    Formulating and designing a supplement is not for the faint of heart – at least the first one. I’m sure it gets easier as we continue to make supplements and get used to the process, but it has been a crazy busy time right now. I’m not going to go over all the background work about signing trademark agreements and all that mumbo jumbo. BUT, I am going to explain to you my process in how I decided what I wanted in Thrival Nutrition’s Multivitamin!

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